liv bergen stands for a feminine jersey collection that combines innovative styles with natural casualness. The variety of models impresses with individual cuts and symbolizes subtle extravagance and flattering coolness. liv bergen combines sophisticated aesthetics with a feel-good character. The colors are vibrant and the materials are of high quality and fine softness. Vintage prints and extremely casual used looks give the comfortable casual wear from liv bergen an individual street style. The respectful and careful handling of the end product forms the basis for liv bergen's philosophy: individual style, quality and joy of life. Liv Bergen's look is cool and feminine. The attention to detail makes each collection unique. liv bergen is made for modern women who enjoy stylish fashion with high standards of design.

The German company manufactures and produces in carefully selected facilities in Portugal, where perfect workmanship is the top priority.


Since founding liv bergen in 2012, Sybille Mezger has been designing feminine jersey collections that are produced sustainably and under fair conditions in Portugal. With every new collection, liv bergen aims to produce in a more environmentally friendly way in order to preserve our planet for posterity. This was a matter of the heart right from the start, without neglecting the high quality standards.

Vegan: liv bergen only uses cotton and recycled polyester in her collections. Leather and other animal products are not used, with the exception of a few items made from wool. We use polybags made from recycled materials to pack and ship our products.

Climate neutrality: The headquarters and warehouse in Stuttgart have been climate neutral since 2021. We are trying to continue to reduce our carbon footprint. In the next few years we would like to make our entire production climate-neutral.


Sybille Mezger studied in Antwerp at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and in Hamburg at the Design University. She was Head of Design at Hugo Boss for over 10 years and then worked as a freelancer and consultant for many years.

In 2012 she realized her dream with Liv Bergen. She finally wanted to try something of her own and initially showed up at the first trade fair with just eight jersey styles.

The collection grows from season to season. Jersey and sweatshirt models are still the heart of the brand, but new styles are constantly being added, such as accessories and coats. The collection now includes over 150 pieces and is sold internationally.

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